Reviews: ‘Batch & Bottle’ Glenfiddich Scotch Manhattan, Monkey Shoulder Lazy Old Fashioned

, | June 13, 2022

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‘Batch & Bottle’ is the new range of pre-batched, Ready-To-Drink classic cocktails recently launched by William Grant & Sons. The fifth-generation family-owned Scotch whisky company is headquartered in Dufftown, Scotland. It created Glenfiddich, the single malt Scotch whisky recognized as one of the best-selling in the world. The 2022 press release by ‘Batch & Bottle’ describes the launch as “the parent company’s first major foray into the Ready-To-Drink (RTD) cocktail space.”

Although Ready-To-Drink cocktails are growing more popular, it is not necessarily a new concept. Pre-packaged, pre-made cocktails have been around since the late 1800s. So, you may be asking yourself, why is this legendary Scottish distillery doing it now? In a prepared statement, Paul Basford, William Grant & Sons’ US President and Managing Director had this to say: “As Master Distillers, industry leaders and cocktail aficionados, we know our spirits best, so we wanted to offer our expertise, batched for people to be able to finally enjoy bar quality cocktails at home, without the hassle.”

Using Glenfiddich as the base spirit, William Grant & Sons has created a classic Manhattan cocktail using Scotch whisky instead of rye whiskey or bourbon. The ingredients include 12-year-old Glenfiddich single malt, the distillery’s own sweet vermouth, and Granny Gordon’s Bitters, which is a bespoke bitters created by a matriarch of the William Grant & Sons family. This secret recipe bitters is used exclusively in this premium ready-to-drink cocktail and is unavailable anywhere else. Purchasers are instructed to chill the bottle for at least two hours prior to serving, then pour, garnish with an orange twist, and enjoy.

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The ‘Batch & Bottle’ Monkey Shoulder Lazy Old Fashioned was the inspiration of Joe Petch, the Monkey Shoulder Global Ambassador. The ingredients of this cocktail include Monkey Shoulder Scotch Whisky, bespoke bitters, and sugar. Monkey Shoulder Scotch Whisky is a blended malt whisky that’s excellent for mixing. The instructions for enjoyment are similar to the Manhattan: Chill for at least two hours before serving, pour into a rocks glass over ice, and garnish with an orange twist.

Batch & Bottle reviews

The Batch & Bottle offerings (image via William Grant & Sons)

Tasting Notes: ‘Batch & Bottle’ Glenfiddich Scotch Manhattan

Vital Stats: 60 proof (30%ABV), 375ml MSRP $16.99.

Appearance: Reddish-brown.

Nose: Smoky, with dark cherry scents and warm spices.

Palate: A whisky forward profile with a clean dark chocolate flavor. Smooth and delicate medium-length finish.


Final Thoughts: This cocktail offers the whisky-forwardness you want as a whisky aficionado. The smoky, fruity notes bring a decadent richness. Tasting it feels indulgent.

Tasting Notes: ‘Batch & Bottle’ Monkey Shoulder Lazy Old Fashioned

Vital Stats: 70 proof (35%ABV), 375ml MSRP $16.99.

Appearance: Light brownish orange.

Nose: Fresh citrus, grassy.

Palate: Warm spices, vanilla, nutmeg.

Score:  3/5

Final Thoughts: This has an initial artificial tasting sweetness and a caramel-like syrupiness, but there’s a distinct zesty spiciness that lingers nicely on the palate. I initially tried it neat to really gauge the flavors, but it tasted better the traditional way, over ice with a sun-dried orange slice.

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