Whiskey Review: Yellowstone Limited Edition 2017

The Limestone Branch Distillery located in Lebanon, Kentucky, has roots deeply embedded into the history of whiskey-making in the USA. The family who owns it has prodjuced spirits before, during, and after Prohibition. Today, the distillery is owned and operated by two brothers, Steve and Paul Beam, whose grandfather’s cousin happens to be the world-famous Jim Beam. Even though it was Jim who got national recognition, the Beams in general tend to be a whiskey-making family. Today, these Beam brothers look to honor their family’s proud tradition.

Their flagship bourbon, Yellowstone, is a blend of sourced whiskies, but Yellowstone 2017 Limited Edition marks Limestone Branch’s first release using some of their own whiskey, distilled onsite using the Beam brothers’ recipes. The Beams use an original family recipe to craft their Yellowstone Bourbon, and they even used some of their great-grandfather’s original yeast from 1885 to make their mash. The brothers pride themselves on honoring their family’s rich history in the whiskey-making business. The Yellowstone 2017 Limited Edition would have made their great-grandfather very proud.

Yellowstone Limited Edition 2017

Tasting Notes: Yellowstone Limited Edition 2017

Vital Stats: The 2017 limited edition is bottled at 101 proof,  50.5% abv, and finished in double-seasoned charred wine casks. It’s a blend of 3 different whiskeys, including some made on-site at Limestone Branch, and aged for either 12, 7 or 4 years, individually. Around 8 thousand bottles of the whiskey were produced, and it retails for $100 per bottle.

Appearance: First thing, the packaging on this bottle is seriously gorgeous. The label looks like an old-timey poster, enticing the viewer to try their hand at venturing into the wild west. The spirit is rich, red and amber colored. Legs are thin and lanky.

Nose: The smell is surprisingly smooth, but not-so-surprisingly rich. Saccharine smells of toffee, toasted marshmallow, coffee, oak, hazelnut and cherry are all present.

Palate: Sweet tastes of caramel, vanilla, and light flavors of oak are prominent in the beginning. Those flavors fade, and darker notes of coffee, butterscotch and charred oak make up the finish, which is short and sweet. There’s a touch a spiciness that sits on the palate for a minute, accompanied a by light, sweet earthy-ness. The flavors feel cohesive, like they’re telling a nice story inside my mouth, complete with a happy ending.

The Takeaway

This whiskey is beautiful inside and out. With a higher proof and rich color, I wasn't expecting that Yellowstone's Limited Edition 2017 would be so easy to digest. It's got nice, straightforward flavors that are easy to enjoy sip by sip. I'm happy to have this bottle as part of my whiskey collection.

User Rating 2.85 (79 votes)