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Whiskey Review Round Up: One Eight Distilling District Made Whiskies

District Made is a spirits brand distilled and bottled by One Eight Distilling in Washington D.C.. The distillery’s name stands for Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution that establishes the city as the nation’s capital. They’re super proud of their city. In fact, their two whiskies, District Made Bourbon and Rye Whiskey, were formerly known as Rock Creek Whiskey – named after the USA’s third ever national park in Washington D.C.

One Eight’s whiskey is said to be the first to be distilled, aged and bottled in D.C. since the onset of prohibition. They’ve grown substantially since inception in 2015, and production is set to more than double with an addition of a new still and other upgrades to the distillery.

In the interest of keeping all of their releases under one name, the company rebranded its products under the name District Made as previously mentioned. The updated design features a new, octogonal-shaped bottle, stylish labels with bold, white lettering, gold accents, engraved stars and other Americana to hammer home its origin story. Their home-grown attitude isn’t in your face though. Nothing about their branding makes any sort of political statement, just a promise of small-batch whiskey made in the capital city.

One Eight Distilling District Made Whiskies

One Eight Distilling District Made Whiskies (image via Shauna McKnight/The Whiskey Wash)

Tasting Notes: District Made Bourbon Whiskey

Vital Stats: This release used to be known as Rock Creek Bourbon. The mash bill is comprised of grains sourced from 2 farms; Maryland corn and wheat, Virginia rye and high-malted rye from North Carolina. The whiskey is 95 proof, 47.5% alcohol and sells for $45 per bottle. It’s worth noting that the whiskey is younger, only aged for a few years in new, charred American Oak.

Appearance: Light, golden amber.

Nose: The initial pop of smell is bright, with orange peels, grass and wet dirt. Floral notes punctuate the scent, along with vanilla and cracked black pepper, clove and coriander. It stays bright and happy throughout the nose, with each note jovially bouncing around from front to back.

Palate: The rye spice sits toward the front, and hit me quite abruptly at first. It sort of mellowed out the more I drank it. There’s a lot of interesting flavors packed into the front, including, fruity notes of orange and peach, followed by smokey charcoal, pepper and dried cloves.

Score: 4/5

Tasting Notes: District Made Rye Whiskey

Vital Stats: The mash bill is a combination of high-malted rye and corn, sourced from farms in Culpeper, Virginia & Chestertown, Maryland. District Made Rye Whiskey is 47% abv, and and 94 proof. Each bottle retails for $44.

Appearance: Dark, oaky amber with golden highlights. The texture appears slightly oily.

Nose: The nose is hot, with spicy rye notes standing out in front. Dark fruit, cherries, figs and dates add another dimension to the spice. It’s got a very holiday feel, and smells a little bit like a boozey fruitcake.

Palate: Initially, it tricked me into thinking this hung around on the sweeter side. The beginning sits with brown sugar and oak, almost a like a Canadian whiskey. The middle brings on lots of cherry and hints of Italian plum, which fades into a cinnamon roll breadiness. The finish is long and complex, with notes of signature rye spice creeping into the mix, that crescendo into a bold, rye crash. After the build-up, it ends sort of abruptly, but with enough of a lingering sweet taste to keep me coming back for more.

Score: 4.5/5