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Whiskey Review: Low Gap 2-Year-Old Wheat Whiskey

Low Gap 2-Year-Old Wheat WhiskeyThe generically-named American Craft Whiskey Distillery, unlike so many small American distilleries, is a zero-hype operation. Its whiskey label, Low Gap, is the project of founder Crispin Cain, who distills his spirits with the antique cognac still—taken from an abandoned distillery near Cognac—also used to produce Germain-Robin brandy. Germain-Robin, in Ukiah, California, is one of the nation’s oldest craft distilleries, dating to the early 80’s.

Craft Distillers, the umbrella both brands fall under, distributes a wide range of artisan spirits, from brandy to whiskey to mezcal. Some are made at the Germain-Robin facility, others elsewhere. Low Gap itself has gradually expanded its portfolio to include several white whiskeys, a bourbon, a rye, and a handful of wheat and blended whiskeys.

Low Gap 2-Year-Old Wheat Whiskey is made from 100% malted Bavarian hard wheat that’s been double distilled in Germain-Robin’s hand operated still. It’s aged two years in a mix of new and used oak barrels—some from the Van Winkle distillery—and bottled at a lightweight 43.1% ABV after being cut using filtered rainwater.

Tasting Notes: Low Gap 2-Year-Old Wheat Whiskey

Color: Deep gold

Nose: Soft and inviting. Butterscotch up front, followed by prominent floral and cognac-like fruit notes. I also get a light bready note, along with a slightly funky, savory character that reminds me of parmesan cheese.

Palate: Quite light on the palate, with stone fruit, dense whole wheat bread, and honey. Buttery smooth on the finish, with a pleasant floral aftertaste.

Final Thoughts:

If I had only one word, I would describe Low Gap 2-Year-Old Wheat as “delicate.” It’s light as air on the palate, but there’s enough depth of flavor that it doesn’t come across as insubstantial. To get synesthetic for a moment, I’d compare it to a Bach piano prelude: both approachable and rich with detail, its flavor profile running the whole length of the keyboard, from twinkly floral notes to savory bass tones.

It’s unique and delicious, definitely worth a try if you get the chance.