Whiskey Review: Kings County Distillery 7-Year Single Barrel Bourbon

Editor’s Note: This whiskey was provided to us as a review sample by King’s County Distillery. This in no way, per our editorial policies, influenced the final outcome of this review. 

Boasting one of the older age-statement bourbons distilled to be found thus far outside of Kentucky’s bourbon triangle and one of the oldest age-stated copper pot-distilled bourbons that I’m aware of, Kings County Distillery’s 7-Year Single Barrel Bourbon is a joyful 10-year birthday celebration for one of NYC’s premier whiskey distilleries.

“Less than a handful of legitimate distillers outside of Kentucky have released an age stated whiskey of 7+ years,” said distiller and co-founder Colin Spoelman at the time of its release. “We’ve always known our whiskey compared well to whiskey in its peer age group, but we never had whiskey aged comparably to some of the best American whiskey until now.”

It’s with this confidence that the 7-Year Single Barrel Bourbon hit the market not too long ago. Distilled in 2013 in a 53-gallon barrel and bottled at 107 proof, it saw 34% angel’s share and provides a traditional-flavored bourbon. This bourbon, complete with silver foil on the label and a wooden box it is stored in, was for sale directly through the distillery for around $149 per 750 ml bottle.

I took my time with my tasting, concentrating on the mouthfeel, really focusing on the character of the whiskey, trying to get the sense of the time it took to build the flavor profile. It is the same recipe as the Kings County flagship straight bourbon whiskey; same farm, malt, and mash bill, but made with a lengthier aging time.

Kings County Distillery 7 Year Single Barrel Bourbon

Kings County Distillery 7 Year Single Barrel Bourbon (image via Kings County Distillery)

Tasting Notes: Kings County Distillery 7-Year Single Barrel Bourbon

Vital Stats: Mash bill 80% organic corn & 20% English malted barley. 53.5% ABV. $149/750ml. Bottled at 107 proof with 34% angel’s share.

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Appearance: Clear, sweet organic honey.

Nose: Lucky Charms, dates, caramel, and the heavy oak of the barrel.

Palate: I am greeted with the pure taste of sugarcane, mulling spices and molasses. The interesting thing about this whiskey is the disconnect between the nose and palate. The nose is potent, and the taste is smooth and subtle with a beautiful long finish. I get the pleasant feeling of pins and needles on my tongue, like slowly waking up from a long nap.

The Takeaway


I am glad that I’ve had the opportunity to taste a real labor of love. It works well with the flavor profile of the flagship whiskey, while offering something new, exciting, and perfect for the holidays.

User Rating 2.74 (31 votes)