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Whiskey Review: John Drew Brixton Mash Destroyer

The Brixton Mash Destroyer is one of the three recently released bottles from John Drew Brands. Entrepreneur John Drew grew in prominence through his craft cigar company, which tends to market towards the higher-class edge of cigar smokers. This Brixton Mash Destroyer is a continuation of the brand’s desire to create new luxury style products. It features a unique idea and bold marketing partnered with an artist named RAPTUZ.

The Brixton Mash Destroyer is a blend of Kentucky Bourbon and Florida rum. A blend like this is an interesting concept indeed, and one that I have not tried before this review. It makes sense to combine tasteful bourbon with a sweeter spirit, since both tend to share enough flavor characteristics to match. Cocktail bars do this on a regular basis, in split base old fashioneds or the like. So, in theory John Drew is on to something here.

As with what happens when new spirits categories come out in the market, it is difficult to classify both to the palate and in liquor stores. The percentage of bourbon to rum is not stated (one website describes it as a 45% rum, 55% bourbon ratio), and one could make guesses to the blend if more information was supplied about either one. The color is on the lighter side, so you may be able to assume that it is a younger bourbon with an unaged rum. It does advertise as a straight bourbon, a nod to using respectable ingredients.

John Drew Brands push themselves as quality, hand selected items. While there is no reason to question the quality of the blend, the ambiguity of the spirit sources leaves the drinker desiring more information. Nonetheless, there is nothing obviously flawed with Brixton Mash Destroyer, indicating their mission statement is backed by truth and honest product sourcing.

John Drew Brixton Mash Destroyer

John Drew Brixton Mash Destroyer (image via Cameron Holck/The Whiskey Wash)

Tasting Notes: John Drew Brixton Mash Destroyer

Vital Stats: 90 proof, blend of Kentucky straight bourbon and Florida rum, 750ml for $42.99.

Appearance: Vivid yellow to gold.

Nose: Marshmallow sweetness backed by wood and baking spice. A lot of alcohol at first, dissipates and mellows nicely with time in a glass.

Palate: Reminiscent of a sour mash bourbon old fashioned, with a bourbon-esque backbone with a cane sugar sweetener. Chocolate, wood, and a slight oatmeal nuttiness. Alcohol is noticeable and time in a glass or water mellows the palate and allows for more complexity.

The Takeaway

This blend of bourbon and rum is a unique spirit and holds true to the style John Drew Brands. It also tastes almost exactly as one would expect - like a sweet bourbon. It's good and the only major flaw is the noticeable alcohol burn. Beyond that it is not overly complex but could be a fun ingredient for cocktails, or a good choice for someone who likes sweeter spirits on the rocks. For the more nerdy side of the market, more information on the sourced rum and blend percentages would be helpful, but I think their target audience will be happy when they purchase this bottle.

Personally, I'd like to see this concept of blending a bourbon and a rum pushed a little bit farther so that the ingredients are of the highest quality and well sourced. I think with some more experimenting, this bottle could become something all drinkers would enjoy!

User Rating 3 (2 votes)
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