Whiskey Review: Jameson Orange

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While flavored whiskey has been around for quite awhile, the options and brands have become quite a trend over the last decade. While cinnamon and honey seem to be the predominant flavors added to whiskey, there have also been quite a few others. While many whiskey traditionalists have scoffed at the idea of flavored whiskey, the concept has been a huge boom for the whiskey industry. And many in the whiskey making community see it as a great way to introduce people to whiskey, by giving them an option with sweeter fruit flavors. 

While some whiskey brands have had quite a few flavors they have created, it is felt that they will not reach the number of flavor profiles that many vodka brands have created. In part, it is thought that due to the flavor profile of whiskey itself, that only certain type of flavors are complimentary enough to whiskey to allow for new flavors.

I noticed that the bottle for this particular product is just titled “Jameson Orange,” not Jameson Orange whiskey, or Jameson Irish Whiskey with orange. However, it does not call itself a liqueur, and it does state in smaller print on the label that it is Jameson Irish whiskey with natural orange flavor. 

Jameson Orange review

We review Jameson Orange, an orange flavored Irish whiskey from this popular Irish brand. (image via Jameson)

Tasting Notes: Jameson Orange

Vital Stats: 60 proof (30% ABV), Triple distilled with Orange flavor, 750ml, $29 msrp.

Appearance: This flavored whiskey is very light in color, almost yellow in color.

Nose: There is a very strong scent of orange, especially strongly of orange peel. 

Palate: There is definitely a very strong orange peel flavor, with just a hint of smokiness, and a slight vanilla finish.

Whiskey Review: Jameson Orange


I’ll be honest – my very first reaction to this was not great. But when I went back to it again, it is a bit better. While it definitely has a strong orange flavor, it seems a bit more orange peel than the flavor of the inner fruit itself. I don’t think this is something most would want to drink just straight or on the rocks, but it would be a very good mixer with several different cocktail combinations. 

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