Whiskey Review: Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel “Heritage Barrel”

, | February 12, 2019

Editor’s Note: This whiskey was provided to us as a review sample by Jack Daniel’s. This in no way, per our editorial policies, influenced the final outcome of this review.

I think it’s safe to say Jack Daniel’s is a household name for whiskey. Whether that’s because of marketing savvy or product quality, it’s still a market leader. In fact, according to The Statistics Portal, Jack Daniel’s made out with 13.27 percent of all whiskey sales in the U.S. in 2017-2018. (Followed by Crown Royal, Fireball—seriously?—Jim Beam, and Jameson.)

As we reported back in September, Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Collections like to mix it up in their flavor expressions. The Heritage Barrel offering was created when master distiller Jeff Arnett and his team of whiskey makers selected from hand-crafted barrels slowly heated to achieve a deeper, richer toasted layer before being charred. In other words: more toasting, less char. I’m imagining a lightly toasted marshmallow, or sourdough toast with firmness on the outside but some give once you bite into it.

This limited edition whiskey, after being put into these special barrels, was matured at a lower entry proof in the uppermost reaches of one of the highest elevated barrelhouses in Lynchburg, Tennessee, before ultimately being bottled at 100° proof.

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel "Heritage Barrel"

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel “Heritage Barrel” (image via Jack Daniel’s)

Tasting Notes: Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel “Heritage Barrel”

Vital stats: 100 proof, about $65.

Appearance: Rich umber. And the coppery shine of a new penny. Also, maple syrup.

Nose: Cherries, pink bubble gum, and chocolate-covered mango. Tasting companion got more of a “nail polish remover with sweet undertones.”

Palate: Maple syrup in both color and flavor. Cinnamon heat on the finish and subsequent sips. A little like well-mixed, boozy hot toddy without actually drinking a hot toddy. Not like a schnapps-ish sweetness, but there is that sort of St. Bernard kind of warmth and comfort. The heat of it is like sitting close to a fire, but not so close you’re getting overheated. It doesn’t taste like 100 proof, but it will bring about a cozy glow.

The Takeaway


I enjoyed this. It tastes like JD for sure and if you are a JD fan, you will like this, but I also think this has a nice mellow quality…which I don’t always get with this brand. I like the heat it brings to my mouth – it’s both lingering and smoldering.

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