Whiskey Review: J.K. Williams Distilling Bridge Series American Wheat Whiskey

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Once upon a time, over 100 years ago, Peoria, Illinois was known as the “Whiskey Capital of the World.” Between 1837 and 1919, the city boasted more than 24 breweries and 73 distilleries and was a magnet for wealthy distillers and brewers far and wide. One distiller who put down roots during the booming years of production in Peoria was J.K. Williams, who developed his own special recipe.

No big surprise, the success and fame brought to Peoria through whiskey production came to a grinding halt at the onset of Prohibition. Williams was eventually forced underground to bootleg production of whiskey, where he had run-ins with criminal elements who were in charge during those days, including Al Capone, who is said to have forced him out of town. Many, many years later, William’s great-grandsons picked up the family recipes to create J.K. Williams Distilling, launched in the 2010.

JK Williams Bridge Series celebrates the Murray Baker Bridge in Peoria and strives to honor that Williams family recipe. Head Distiller Jeff Murphy states, “Each expression in The Bridge Series will consist of a blend between products we’ve kept in barrels over the years with a newer American Wheat Whiskey. We are bridging the gap between old and new with this series.”

The business was purchased from the Williams family in 2019, and while the legacy is no longer in the lineage, new President Andy Faris promises, “Everything we do ties back to a deeper story and furthers our goal of bringing the art of distilling back to the area.”

This is the first wheat whiskey for JK Williams Distillery, who has also produced Gold Zephyr Straight Bourbon and Stormy River Rye.

JK Williams The Bridge Series: American Wheat Whiskey review

JK Williams The Bridge Series: American Wheat Whiskey (image via JK Williams)

Tasting Notes: J.K. Williams Bridge Series – American Wheat Whiskey

Vital Stats: 95% wheat. 94 proof (47% ABV). Retails for $49.99/750mL.

Appearance: Very lightly browned butter.

Nose: Grassy, subtle apple, and cinnamon.

Palate: Raisin bran and wheat with specks of sugar and honey.

The Takeaway


This is a fairly generic wheat whiskey, with little to really grab onto in the taste that makes it stand out. I can’t say I recommend it, but at the same time it’s not at all offensive. If anything, it’s an easily forgettable spirit, but may work well in a cocktail with some good bitters.

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