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Whiskey Review: Glyph by Endless West

Editor’s Note: This whiskey was provided to us as a review sample by Endless West. This in no way, per our editorial policies, influenced the final outcome of this review.

This will be my first non-traditional whiskey reviewed spirit on this site. It might also be my favorite review, even though I’ve only read the label at the time of typing this sentence. I love it when nerdy science meets delicious whiskey, and this appears to be one of those times. I wanted to take an honest ‘first look’ approach to this bottle of Glyph, because it’s rather unique indeed.

Wording on the front proudly boasts “Provocative Spirits for Curious Minds.” What this means is that the contents are going to either impress or disappoint us, and ultimately divide the tasters into categories of for and against. The creators of Glyph, Endless West, study the molecules in whiskey and source ingredients from nature to reproduce those flavors. They take this natural flavoring to form a spirit that tastes of the whiskey they wanted. Technically, there is a small amount of whiskey added to their corn grain base to meet legal regulations for the category they chose, which is spirit whiskey.

Essentially made overnight, they’re attempting to bring the quality of an aged product without the price. An admirable mission in my opinion, it was inspired when one of their co-founders came across a bottle of wine too valuable to open. What’s the point of having something delicious to drink if we can’t afford to open it? In that, Endless West saw its creation.

Scientifically speaking, they’re on to something. All our brains need are the right molecules to interpret and we’ll call the whiskey amazing. But can we really just add flavor to a base spirit to replicate years and years in a barrel? Not to mention blending! There are many that scoff at the idea of Glyph I’m sure, but I think it’s brilliant. Do I think it’s a replacement? Not at all, but I can see a valuable position for it in today’s market.

Glyph by Endless West

Glyph by Endless West (image via Cameron Holck/The Whiskey Wash)

Tasting Notes: Glyph

Vital Stats: 86 Proof, corn spirit base with natural flavors, $39.99 for a 750mL.

Appearance: Mellow gold.

Nose: Mild and approachable, it’s nicely aromatic and soft. Light green fruit, popcorn, some spice with a nice vanilla base tone.

Palate: Buttery and nicely complex. Unique, but not noticeably abstract even though it is! Pine, herbs such as rosemary and mint, and a bit of gravel or chalk are present. Vanilla again, along with tart red cherries and green figs. Nice texture, and a medium finish. The grain base shows through occasionally, giving a plain alcohol note similar to a quality vodka.

The Takeaway


I am not completely sure how to rate this, as the concept is unlike anything I’ve had before. It does honestly taste very nice, and along with the pleasant chalky mouth-feel it is a pretty tasty spirit. The complexity also surprised me, pushing me to revisit it from different perspectives. It still has a vodka feel to it, but it isn’t an unpleasant thing.

Glyph is definitely a unique take on the spirits world, one that I welcome gladly. It isn’t going to replace my usual whiskey go-to's, but I can definitely see value in an affordable bottle with the complexity of this one. I imagine it may pair well with cognacs, winter cocktails and desserts.

User Rating 3.06 (16 votes)


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