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Whiskey Review: Corbin Cash Blended Whiskey

The wonderful, delicious spirit that is whiskey does not exist without agriculture. In Atwater, California, there is a century old farm distilling vodka, whiskey, and other liquors from its two crops of sweet potatoes and Merced rye. Rye is such a versatile and strong grain to grow; it can survive droughts and cold climates, it reduces erosion and makes soil nutrient rich, and it suppresses weeds and pests. “Merced” is a rye variety that is drought resistant and can be grown on top of other crops. 

Before 2009, D&S Farms did not distill a single spirit. Corbin Cash Distillery was established as a way to continue innovation and sustainable practices on the farm. Produce deemed too ugly for sale at grocery stores adds to the global problem of food waste; one-third of all food grown is thrown out every year. Corbin Cash turns all the ugly sweet potatoes into vodka and neutral spirits, and the Merced rye that was previously tilled for fertilizer gets turned into whiskey.

The Corbin Cash Blended Whiskey is made up of 80 percent merced rye whiskey and 20 percent sweet potato neutral spirit (the clear alcohol that comes from Corbin Cash Distillery’s vodka and gin). Most rye whiskies are heavy in spice, but the goal with this blended rye is to appeal to bourbon drinkers. Corbin Cash Distillery calls it “bourbon-esque” because they designed it to be mellow and sweet. I know plenty of people who are not fans of rye, yet I might just be able to convince them otherwise with Corbin Cash Blended Whiskey.

Tasting Notes: Corbin Cash Blended Whiskey

Vital Stats: 45% ABV, 90 proof. Merced rye and sweet potato neutral spirit blend. 750mL $40 to $50.

Appearance: Medium amber/rosin.

Nose: A mixture of bubblegum, faint nail polish remover, and tobacco.

Palate: A dulled spiciness and ultra light, soft mouthfeel really define this whiskey. At first it tastes like a Thanksgiving candied yam dish, but once that dissipates only strong vegetal notes linger. There is a sourness, like a loaf of sourdough, that is present with each sip. It’s mildly sweet, and more reminiscent of a bourbon rather than a rye. There are no complex qualities or layers in the profile; the flavor is gone about thirty seconds after swallowing.

The Takeaway

Corbin Cash Blended Whiskey is sippable and mixable. While there isn’t really a “wow” factor, I would recommend it for people wanting to get into rye. It’s an easy starter, especially with bourbon fans, since the spiciness that is typical with rye is extremely mild.

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