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Whiskey Review: 2bar Straight Bourbon Whiskey

This past November I celebrated my twelfth year of living in Portland, where The Whiskey Wash is based. (This wasn’t a factor in my decision to move, but it might figure into my choice to continue to stick around.) Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to review some close-to-home products, such as Westward and Westland.  And now, I’m excited to add 2bar to that list.

2bar Bourbon is made entirely grain-to-glass in Seattle, Washington, using all Northwest grains. According to their website, 2bar Spirits was founded in 2010 by Nathan Kaiser opened officially in October, 2012. They purchase grain directly from Washington State farmers, and mill, mash, ferment, distill, age and bottle everything onsite.

Seven years after opening, they’re the largest privately owned craft distillery in Seattle; they mash more than 20,000 pounds of grain a month and this year will fill about 120 barrels.

2bar’s Straight Bourbon mixes Washington grain and Oregon grains, according to DrinkHacker. The sample I had also didn’t share an age statement or batch number, though they’re released in batches. 2bar doesn’t don’t share the mash bill, though Modern Thirst details a mash bill that looks quite fascinating. It’s 100 proof.

2bar Straight Bourbon

Tasting Notes: 2bar Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Vital stats: 100 proof; $48 for 750 ml; made entirely on-site using all Pacific Northwest grains.

Color: Light gold. This has a shine to it, reminiscent of champagne after it’s sat out for a little while and the bubbles have settled and mellowed.

Palate: The 2bar begins a little grainy: Not so much in texture but in more like in the…suggestion of grain rather than feeling like one’s been beaten about the head with it. Also, berries—richly ripe blackberries, the kind that stain your hands and you suck your fingers clean trying to get every molecule of that delightful balance of juice and slithery berry nubbins. Apples close it out, but it’s not like a cider, more like a good wine with a whiff of apple. And finally, gingersnaps.

The Takeaway

This is really delicious. And it doesn’t taste like 100 proof. This has the drinkable feel of a fine wine. It tastes like an extremely well-established brand, one you want to collect bottles of. I’m really impressed—and will be hoarding my sample size. Don’t adulterate this in a drink. Have it neat. And if you disagree, I will happily take it off your hands.

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