Whiskey Accessory Review: Well Told State Maps Pocket Flask

Editor’s Note: This whiskey accessory was provided to us as a review sample by Well Told. This in no way, per our editorial policies, influenced the final outcome of this review.

Reviewed here is the State Maps Pocket Flask, 6oz capacity with matte finish, that comes from Well Told, a Boston based online entity that began in 2009. My first impressions of the flask are warm, as I find it flashy but classy at the same time. It fits comfortably in the palm and perfectly in the back pocket – guys may be comfy with it in the front pocket of pants, but not ladies.

In testing it I found the flask did not get scratched or dented in regular carrying, and not a drop of liquid leaked. Time will tell if the matte finish would hold up to purse and regular use. It can fall over easily, but when carefully set down there should be no problems; just that first initial wobble occurs on flat surfaces. Other surfaces were not tested, and I’m guessing it would be challenging to stand upright.

It comes with everything shown, including a custom gift box. It should be noted there is nowhere to stash the funnel with the flask, so you’ll have to keep careful track of it. Also, if the state map design isn’t your jam, no worries, there are other options to choose from on the site.

Well Told State Maps Pocket Flask

Well Told State Maps Pocket Flask (image via Well Told)

My overall impression of the Well Told State Maps Pocket Flask is that it is a great gift idea and a handy design. Certainly not your average gift flask, it retails for just under $30, regardless of which state design you choose.

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As a side note, Well Told apparently gives a portion of proceeds to what they deem worthy causes. To date, they noted, they’ve supported “more than 200 non-profit organizations of all sizes and causes across the U.S., from small local animal shelters to public schools to national organizations like Habitat for Humanity.”