Review: Jameson Ginger and Lime

Editor’s Note: This ready to drink cocktail was provided to us as a review sample by those behind it. This in no way, per our editorial policies, influenced the final outcome of this review. 

 Over the decades, the popularity of ready to drink cocktails (RTDs) has risen and fallen. For many of us, the first RTDs we remember are likely the Jack Daniels Country Cocktails, which were bottled cocktails that started in 1992. While there were others that would pop up from time to time, these RTDs didn’t seem to truly catch on and rise to the popularity of today.

However, a big change came in 2020 that would cause the RTD industry to explode; the Covid-19 lockdowns. With people stuck at home, and the recent introduction of services like DoorDash, people wanted to be able to have the cocktails they would have had if they were going out to bars. So, many bars and liquor stores began selling a lot of RTD cocktails. And, their popularity is seemingly still on the rise. 

This brings us to this entry from the Jameson Whiskey brand. While over the last few years, they have been attempting some new flavor profiles with things like their line of craft beer barrel flavors, and most recently their Jameson Cold Brew, they have now entered into the RTD category, with their new Jameson Ginger and Lime canned cocktails.

According to Kate Pomeroy, head of innovation Pernod Ricard North America (the parent company that currently owns Jameson Irish Whiskey), this RTD cocktail is based on a ‘fan-favorite’ cocktail recipe

Jameson Ginger & Lime RTD review

We review Jameson Ginger & Lime, a ready to drink cocktail based on a popular Jameson-based cocktail recipe. (image via Jameson)

Tasting Notes: Jameson Ginger and Lime

Vital Stats: 6% ABV; triple distilled Jameson Irish Whiskey, ginger ale, and lime; 355ml cans; msrp 14.99 for 4-pack. 

Appearance: Very dark amber. Definitely looks a lot like what you would expect from a ginger ale with a shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey added. 

Nose: Mostly the scent that comes off this is purely ginger ale. 

Palate: Definitely very much ginger ale. While there is a hint of the flavor of Jameson, the overwhelming flavor is ginger ale. 

Final Thoughts: This was definitely a great little cocktail. While only 6% ABV, this is a great refreshing light drink. This would be great as a summer barbeque or beach drink. Also, with the lower ABV, the availability for where you can possibly purchase this item would increase quite a bit.

I would definitely recommend this one, and plan on bringing this to the big family Fourth of July gathering.

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