Review: Bevridge American Single Malt Tasting Kit

Editor’s Note: This kit was provided to us as a review sample by Bevridge. This in no way, per our editorial policies, influenced the final outcome of this review.

The Bevridge American Single Malt Tasting Kit has me spoiled for choice. With ten different tasters, I start from the outside and make my way in, unaware of the origin of any one spirit until I’m finished and ready to scan the QR code to the incredibly intuitive site that shows me what I’ve tasted. This innovative and exciting new tasting kit comes to us from Bevridge, a “new spirits experience meets e-commerce platform.”

Co-founded in 2021 by Nate Ganapathi, Chris Nelson, and Liz Brusca, Bevridge designs bespoke kits that are curated by industry professionals, emphasizing the importance of community in the competitive world of whiskey. The Bevridge Tasting Kits are sold in partnership with e-commerce leader ReserveBar and highlight American Single Malts, including in the kit ten 50ml bottles from both popular and lesser-known distilleries.

Of this new whiskey tasting experience, Liz Brusca states, “We wanted to create a new way to bring people together to discover ultra-premium spirits…. We hope to foster a community of like-minded spirits lovers and provide them access to the world’s best spirits and the people making them too.” In addition to the tasting kits, Bevridge offers digital access to panel sessions of industry professionals as well as the return of Whiskey Live, the world’s largest global whiskey event.

Bevridge American Single Malt Tasting Kit review

A Bevridge tasting kit (image via Bevridge)

Review: Bevridge American Single Malt Tasting Kit

Details: 10 curated 50 ml bottles from U.S. single malt producers. Informational brochure detailing instructions and QR code to reveal specifics on each sample. SRP $250. Order online at Bevridge.

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Impressions: I broke my tasting up into a couple different sessions, making it a fun experience with friends. We wrote our impressions of each whiskey, including regular tasting notes of appearance, nose, and palate. A few of us attempted to determine the wood of the barrels, the age, but ultimately, the reveal was a pleasant surprise. With samples from Balcones, Boulder Spirits, Westward Distilling, and others, I enjoyed broadening my palate and the opportunity to try producers I would likely not otherwise have access to. While I wasn’t impressed with every whiskey, I was able to identify the properties of certain flavor profiles that I’m drawn to and others I find less appealing. I was more impressed with bolder expressions, ones whose profile challenged me, than others that felt too mild to really pick out any substantial notes.

The fun of these kits is definitely figuring out your individual preferences, so I highly recommend seeking the Bevridge American Single Malt Tasting Experience! The kits can be found online at a suggested retail price of $250 and Bevridge has said they plan on broadening the tasting experiences to other spirits.

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