Book Review: The World of Whisky

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Don’t let the name of this book deceive you. It’s about all whiskies of the world and not just Scotch whisky, which is spelled without the ‘e’. The World of Whisky by Neil Ridley, Gavin D. Smith and David Wishart contains notes on tasting and enjoying Irish whiskey, American rye whiskey, Japanese single malt and a bunch of others from around the world. This book includes 250 distilleries and tasting notes from 150 whiskies.

I feel that this book would be great for anyone wanting to get into the world of whiskies but also anyone that wants to taste or collect more. It’s not only about sipping whisky neat but also food pairing notes and cocktail recipes. There are notes about visiting the distilleries too if there’s a world tour in your future.

Each whisky entry in the book goes over the history of the brand and distillery. It talks about that specific whisky and the availability from the distiller. If you liked that whisky you may discover what else they have to offer that you might like or a whisky on an adjacent page that is similar. For each whisky there is a picture of the bottle and notes on strength, nose, taste, and finish.

This is not a photo heavy book, it’s more about the content. Each bottle has a photo which helps if you wanted to buy that bottle in the store but otherwise there are some world maps and a few distillery shots. The World of Whisky is really about learning more about whisky and the brands than showing off the locations.

The World of Whisky is written by three authors who have written other whiskey books by Pavilion. There’s a lot of information to be gleaned from these three in this book for only $27, new. I’d highly recommend looking into this book or one of the other 30+ books by these authors if you really want to get a better understanding of whiskey.

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