The Fred Minnick Show: Emerson Hart of Tonic Falls In Love With Kentucky Owl

In this episode, Emerson Hart, front man for platinum-selling and Grammy-nominated band Tonic, talks with Fred about the music business, life in a pandemic, “Animal House,” the power of music, wine and plenty more. One key topic of conversation is just how much our culture misses live music during the age of coronavirus. Of course, whiskey was involved, as Emerson is huge fan and an experienced taster, and the two made their way through a flight of four, discussing everything from Cracker Jacks to American history.

When it was all said and done, Emerson picked a Kentucky Owl Rye 11 year as his favorite, saying, “That is a really beautiful whiskey. … It’s such a mouthful of all the stuff you need.”

Oh, and did you know where the term “Fitz” originally came from? You’ll learn that in this episode too.