Bourbon Pursuit Podcast #253: OKI Relaunch, Craft Bourbon Bust, and Return of Age Stated Knob Creek

Editor’s Note: We welcome back the Bourbon Pursuit podcast as a content partner after a long hiatus from carrying their material. This team is well worth taking the time to listen to on a regular basis for their insider knowledge of all things Kentucky bourbon.

Today’s podcast featuring the roundtable talks about the controversial relaunch of the OKI brand. We examine the potential motivating factors behind New Riff selling the label and if it’s a pure money grab by the new company that owns it. We then look at the current landscape of craft distillers and if they will survive the COVID-19 conditions as over 43% of all craft distillery workers have now been laid off or furloughed. Lastly, we see an age statement return to Knob Creek.

Episode Notes:

  • This week’s Above the Char with Fred Minnick talks about buying whiskey for cheap during the pandemic.
  • OKI is being relaunched with new ownership. Why would New Riff do this and is it a money grab?
  • 118 craft distillers surveyed recently, 42% said they do not believe they will able to stay in business for more than three months with COVID-19. Is the craft boom going to bust?
  • The return of 12 and 9 year Knob Creek. What does this mean for private barrel selections?
  • Thanks to Blake from, Nick from , Brian from, and Kerry from Subourbia for joining.