A Sip Of Knowledge With Liza Weisstuch (A Spirited Conversation)

Topic: A Sip of Knowledge with Liza Weisstuch, Whisky Writer

Hosts: Liz Rhoades, Lew Bryson, & Martin Duffy

What You’ll Learn: Join a trio of drink industry veterans in weekly conversation on whiskey, spirits, distilling, marketing and the current state of the drink industry. This week, whisky writer Liza Weisstuch joins the group.

About Liza Weisstuch:

Liza started her career writing about theater and books, but she quickly abandoned that when she realized that there was more drama (and tragedy and comedy) to be found in bars. She made her maiden voyage to some Kentucky bourbon distilleries in 2005 and since then she’s been to over 160 distilleries in 17 countries and 18 American states and did an apprenticeship at a distillery on Islay, then returned to work at a pub. Her writing has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, Whisky Advocate, Wall Street Journal, Smithsonian and Daily Beast. She’s the U.S. contributing editor to Whisky Magazine. She still loves the theater.

About the Hosts: 

  • Lew Bryson, former managing editor for Whisky Advocate Magazine for 20 years, whiskey author, beer/whiskey writer and presenter.

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