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Macallan Unveils The Home Collection River Spey

Image via The Macallan.

Macallan Distillery has unveiled the newest installment in the Home Collection series: The Macallan Home Collection, River Spey. 

The bottle will be available to selected locations via ballot, with entries accepted from 12 noon GMT on 20th February. 

You can register your interest in the Macallan Home Collection, River Spey here

For international customers, the bottle will be available in selected online boutiques from late February 2024.

In collaboration with artist, Michelle Lucking, the release pays tribute to the River Spey, the 107-mile river that runs through the heart of the Macallan estate. 

Bottled at 44.8% ABV, the whisky has aromas of “raisin and sultana, cinnamon, apple, pear, sweet oak, treacle spong & vanilla” on the nose. On the palate, “[s]ultana, rich velvety butterscotch, toasted oak, chocolate & nutmeg with a hint of anise”, followed by a medium oaky and spicy finish. 

Macallan & Michelle Lucking 

Michelle Lucking, a photo-realistic artist, captured the wintertime River Spey in the painting that decorates the front of the box. 

The artist works with her fingers and is particularly fond of creating landscapes involving water with her pigmented pastels. This particular work of art was created to mirror the russet hues in the whisky. 

As with the last installment in the Home Collection, this release will come accompanied by three limited edition giclée art prints created by Lucking.  

Macallan & The River Spey 

The Macallan has responsibility for a 1.5-mile stretch of the river and takes pride in protecting the wildlife that call it home. 

In 2020, Macallan released the Macallan Edition 6 in collaboration with the Atlantic Salmon Trust, a charity focused on the conversation of the Atlantic salmon that live in the River Spey. 

The Macallan Home Collection, The Distillery 

The Macallan Home Collection, The Distillery was the first release in the series.

The first release in the Home Collection was a bottling dedicated to the Macallan Distillery. The 2017 rebuild of the Macallan Distillery was a huge investment for Macallan, and was essential to establishing the brand as the pinnacle of luxury scotch whisky. 

This release was accompanied by artworks from Colin Rizza, who has previously worked with Macallan on bottles such as the extremely rare Macallan David Donaldson

The Home Collection, The Distillery, was sold exclusively at the Macallan Distillery and in selected online boutiques.

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