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Glenlivet Launches The Fusion Cask Selection

The Glenlivet Rum & Bourbon Fusion Cask. Image via PR Newswire


The Glenlivet has launched a fresh product in its lineup of single malt whiskies – the Fusion Cask Selection. The series’ first offering is The Glenlivet Rum & Bourbon Fusion Cask Selection which has been matured in special casks that previously held rum and bourbon.

The Rum & Bourbon Fusion Cask is the initial release in The Glenlivet Fusion Cask Series, indicating that more exciting whiskies will be coming from the distillery in the future.

In what The Glenlivet Cask Expert, Kevin Balmforth calls “category-first innovation”, the whisky in this release was finished in casks that were built using a combination of staves from first-fill rum and first-fill bourbon barrels. The casks were sourced from the US (bourbon) and the Caribbean (rum).

After arriving at the distillery and being given the necessary treatments, the casks were disassembled and then expertly reassembled by coopers at Glenlivet. The result is casks with two spirits imbued into the wood, therefore imparting two different influences onto the whisky as it matures.

Due to the fusion of flavors in the cask, the complex resulting whisky carries notes of caramel toffee, oranges, toffee-covered bananas, apricots, and cinnamon spice. On the nose, aromas of caramel, coconut, and lemon zest.

Earlier in 2024, Glenlivet kicked off its bicentenary celebrations with the release of a limited edition 12 year old, and promised a year of “celebrations with bold and original innovations and initiatives”.

This innovative approach was held dear by Glenlivet’s founder, George Smith, who used lantern-like copper pot stills upon the distillery’s opening in 1824. This usage set a new standard in the whisky industry. As the first legal distillery in Speyside following the passing of the 1823 Excise Act, many distilleries looked to Glenlivet for guidance. Glenlivet always looked to the future.

As such, the release of the Fusion Cask Series reaffirms Glenlivet’s commitment to innovation, and I am sure that we will see many more exciting releases from Glenlivet throughout 2024.

The Glenlivet Rum & Bourbon Fision Cask Selection is bottled at 40% ABV with a suggested retail price of $100.

For more information on this first-of-its-kind release, visit The Glenlivet website.

A Brief History of Glenlivet

The Glenlivet Distillery has a rich history that traces back to 1824. It was founded by George Smith in the remote Glenlivet valley, an area known for its illicit whisky production. Smith seized the opportunity when the government reduced the cost of the distillery license, making The Glenlivet the first legal distillery in the region.

Despite its humble beginnings, The Glenlivet quickly gained a reputation for its distinct, smooth, and fruity taste. This unique flavor profile is attributed to the traditional techniques employed by the distillers, many of which have remained unchanged since George Smith’s time.

The Glenlivet’s rise to prominence began after the Second World War under the leadership of Bill Smith Grant. Today, it stands as one of the world’s top-selling single malts. The distillery continues to produce whisky using malt from Speyside and mineral water from the Ben Rinnes spring, staying true to its roots while consistently delivering high-quality Scotch whisky.

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