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Berry Bros & Rudd Launches One-Off ‘Glens & Valleys’ Scotch Collection

The first part of the ‘A Sense of Place’ collection celebrates Scotland’s glens & valleys. Credit: Berry Bros & Rudd

Historic wine and spirits merchant, Berry Bros. & Rudd, has unveiled a new collection of spirits celebrating the diverse landscapes around the world and their effects on distilled spirits. The collection, named ‘A Sense of Place’ will be divided into two parts: Glens & Valleys and Coast & Shores. 

The first part of the collection, Glens & Valleys, is available now, with bottles distributed amongst Berry Bros. & Rudd, and specialist UK and international retailers. 

Berry Bros. & Rudd ‘A Sense of Place’ 

Glens & Valleys is a collection of bottlings from various scotch whisky distilleries that are nestled amongst Scotland’s stunning landscape.

Whisky making is inextricably linked to its surroundings, with everything from water sources to mountains, and climate affecting the final character of a whisky. The whiskies in Glens & Valleys explore Scotland’s landscape “from the foothills of  the Grampian mountains to the Valley of the Garioch.” 

The second part of this one-off collection, Coast & Shores, will be released in the Autumn of 2024. It will explore a selection of rums and whiskies hailing from coastal landscapes across the globe. 

Spirits Curator at Berry Bros. & Rudd, Felix Dear, said: “This release is a testament to nature and craftsmanship. As you explore these whiskies, you embark on a sensory expedition through some of Scotland’s most cherished and secluded spots.

“You’ll find whiskies that epitomise the distinctiveness of their respective distilleries, alongside the landscape they reside in; while others have the additional influence of flavour through varied cask finishes. These special editions have been infused with distinct flavours from casks sourced through our long-standing relationships with world-class producers.”

Felix Dear, Spirits Curator at Berry Bros. & Rudd. Credit: Berry Bros. & Rudd.

Berry Bros. & Rudd Glens & Valleys

The scotch whiskies in the Berry Bros. & Rudd Glens & Valleys collection include a 2010 Linkwood finished in a PX sherry cask, a Blair Athol 2010 finished in Sauternes, and a 2008 Glenburgie finished in a Marsala cask. 

See the list of bottles at the end of this article. 

Where To Buy The Glens & Valleys Whiskies 

As stated above, the availability of these bottles has been divided amongst various retailers both domestically and abroad. 

Five of the expressions, Blair Athol 2011, Glen Garioch 2011, Dailuaine 2010, Glen Ord 2007, and Glenlossie 2011 are available exclusively from the Berry Bros. & Rudd website

Four more of the whiskies, Blair Athol 2011, Glenburgie 2008, Glendullan 2011, and Linkwood 2010 will be available exclusively from UK-based retail partners of Berry Bros. 

Selected international retail partners will offer the following bottles: the two Blair Athol 2009 expressions, Glen Spey 2009, Linkwood 2010, Glendullan 2011, and single cask expressions of Dailuaine 2010, Glen Garioch 2011, Glen Ord 2007, and Glenlossie 2011.

Finally, Blair Athol 2010, Glen Elgin 2012, Glen Elgin 2008, and Glen Garoch 2011 casks will be divided between the UK and International markets. 

The collection became available on June 20th. 

The Glens & Valleys Collection Bottlings 

  • Blair Athol, 2010, Sauternes Finish Cask #30323 ABV: 56.3% | RRP £105
  • Blair Athol, 2011, Pedro Ximenez Finish Cask #304166 ABV: 57.7% | RRP £100
  • Glen Elgin, 2012 Cask #807729 ABV: 59% | RRP £75
  • Glen Elgin, 2008, Moscatel Finish Cask #805333 ABV: 55% | RRP £115
  • Glen Garioch, 2011, Oloroso Finish Cask #1100001332 ABV: 56.9% | RRP £115
  • Glenburgie, 2008, Marsala Finish Cask #87 ABV: 59.1% | RRP £105
  • Glendullan, 2011 Cask #310541 ABV: 58.2% | RRP £80
  • Linkwood, 2010, Pedro Ximenez Finish Cask #301242 ABV: 54.9% | RRP £105

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