WhistlePig Now Has A Whiskey Glass The Brand Is Proud To Have You Drink From

With the help of famed glassware artist Simon Pearce, WhistlePig recently launched a glass the brand believes is perfectly suited for the enjoyment of high-proof, fine rye whiskey.

The Shoreham Whiskey Glass is a weighty, curved vessel in hand-blown glass designed to heighten the experience of enjoying fine whiskey. While the traditional shape of a whiskey sipping glass is great for nosing lower-proof alcohol due to its design, nosing high proof alcohol in those style glasses results in a high concentration of alcohol vapor at the opening, which can make it harder for some to pick out the aromatic notes you’re looking for in the spirit.

The new glass changes the shape to lower the alcohol concentration at the brim of the glass, allowing for what’s said to be a better nosing experience for the high-proof whiskey drinker. Named after the town in which WhistlePig’s 500-acre farm and distillery is located, it is the first collaboration between the two companies and stands as the first hand-blown glass specifically designed for enjoying rye whiskey at barrel strength.

WhistlePig Shoreham Whiskey Glass

The WhistlePig Shoreham Whiskey Glass (image via WhistlePig)

“We worked closely with WhistlePig to design a glass engineered to enhance the flavor of fine whiskey,” Senior Vice President of Design and Product Development of Simon Pearce James Murray said in a prepared statement. “The Shoreham widens at the bottom, concentrating the whiskey’s aroma at the opening. The base, pleasantly weighty in the hand, refracts the light, making the amber liquid appear even more luminous. The glass tapers slightly before opening up again at the rim, creating an elegant silhouette and a natural place for the hand to rest.”

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The launch of the glass also marks the return of WhistlePig’s award-winning 18-Year-Old Double Malt Whiskey, the 2nd Edition of WhistlePig’s oldest and rarest whiskey. Distilled from 79% rye, 15% malted rye and 6% malted barley, the grains form a flavor profile that’s described as soft and floral, rich and savory, and full of spice, according to official tasting notes. This edition features a collectible, reusable hand-blown glass stopper, also by Pearce.

Both the Shoreham Whiskey Glass and the 2nd Edition 18-Year-Old Double Malt Whiskey are set to be available through WhistlePig’s online shop. Shoreham will also be available on Simon Pearce’s website later this spring.