Whiskey at the Campsite: The Best Gear for Taking Whiskey Into the Great Outdoors

For many of us, summer means packing up the car, stocking the cooler, and heading out into the great outdoors. Whether you’re camping, boating, backpacking, golfing, or just hanging out in the backyard, there’s no shortage of gear to help you make your outdoor drinking experience more fun.

Go Minimal

The whole point of outdoor living is relaxing and getting back to basics, so this isn’t the time for complex cocktails or fancy glassware. That said, there’s no reason to punish yourself. It’s worth tracking down some decent travel glassware, like these unbreakable whiskey glasses from D’Eco. Tuck a couple of whiskey stones in the bottom of your cooler, and you’re all set.

Or Go Maximal

Packing up the RV for an extended road trip? Hunkering down for some serious car camping? Just headed over to your neighbor’s back yard? Then there’s no reason to go minimal. Instead, lean into the incredible proliferation of outdoor drinking accessories, from this transportable drinking table from Tovolo, or these totally goofy bottle-and-glass stakes from Sorbus (they’re marketed for wine, but there’s no reason you couldn’t stick a bottle of Glenmorangie in there, instead).

Plan for transport

If you’re backpacking, there’s no reason to lug a glass bottle along with you. Not only is it unnecessary weight, it also poses a breakage hazard. Instead, decant your favorite dram into a durable, lightweight flask. These days you have a zillion different options, including insulated flasks, extra-large flasks, and flasks emblazoned with the logos of your favorite sports teams. You can even get a miniature funnel to make filling your flask easier.

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Choose Your Whiskey Wisely

When you’re out in the world, you don’t want to pack your whole bar. Pick one—maybe two—whiskeys that speak to you. You want something simple, rustic, and delicious, the kind of thing you can enjoy out of a plastic cup while kicking back on a riverbank without feeling vaguely anxious you’re not doing the stuff justice. Mid-range bourbon and good-quality blended Scotch are my two favorite outdoor tipples, but pick something that appeals to you.