Virginia Distillery Company Funding Endowment For Women In Whiskey Scholarships

, | March 13, 2023

The woman-owned Virginia Distillery Company is celebrating Women’s History Month by announcing its “Angela H. Moore – Women in Distilling Scholarship.”

A statement from the distiller notes that this scholarship will provide $100,000 in scholarship aid for female students at Appalachian State University entering the field of distillation and whiskey production.

The renewable scholarship will provide annual aid to female fermentation sciences majors above the age of 21, this in a five-year endowment.

VDC Women Scholarships

The woman-owned Virginia Distillery Company is celebrating Women’s History Month by announcing its “Angela H. Moore – Women in Distilling Scholarship.” (image via Virginia Distillery Company)

Half of the distillery’s investment will be used to conduct student-driven research projects on distillation. The funds will help develop research ideas and carry them out under the mentorship of the fermentation sciences faculty.

Additionally, the statement explained that the Distillery Company is offering paid-internship opportunities to those students that receive aid from this scholarship, giving them on-site, real world experience working inside a whiskey distillery.

Interns will work across all facets of whiskey production including distilling, cask house operations, and packaging.

“I’m incredibly proud to launch this program and hope it encourages those who are interested in a career in distilling to pursue their passions,” said Angela H. Moore, board chair at Virginia Distillery Company. “As a minority in a male-dominated industry, my goal is to grow representation and create opportunities for women in the production of world-class whiskeys.”

In 2012, Appalachian State became the first university on the East Coast to offer a bachelor’s degree in fermentation sciences.

“This scholarship and the research monies are critical for attracting and retaining women in the fermentation sciences program as well as in the distillation industry,” said Dr. Brett Taubman, professor and director of the fermentation sciences program at the university. “Women are currently underrepresented in the distillation industry and this investment represents a great start in changing that.”

Also to support this initiative, Virginia Distillery Company will introduce a new, limited-edition whiskey … Scholar’s Craft Coffee Cask American Single Malt Whiskey.

The distiller noted that all the proceeds from this bottle’s sales will go towards the scholarship fund.

Scholar’s Craft Coffee Cask is made from 100% malted barley, aged in ex-bourbon casks and finished in barrels that previously held ethically-sourced, small-batch coffee.

The new release has a suggested retail price of $59.99 and will be available for purchase nationwide in late March at

For more information about the distillery or the university, check out and


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