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Tamworth Distilling Asks Whiskey Enthusiasts To Embark On 10-Year Barrel Challenge

New Hampshire’s Tamworth Distilling has embarked on a 10-year whiskey journey for love.

Starting yesterday on Valentine’s Day, Tamworth began inviting newlyweds to buy a barrel (the equivalent to 250 bottles) of unaged whiskey from their distillery, with the intent that it will come of age, and appreciate exponentially, over 10 years.

A statement from Tamworth explains that once the whiskey reaches maturation, couples can take home their custom barrel, which could be worth an estimated $75,000.

Tamworth 10 Year Barrel Challenge
New Hampshire’s Tamworth Distilling has embarked on a 10-year whiskey journey for love. (image via Tamworth)

But there’s a catch, the distiller noted. Couples who remain legally married for 10 years can take home their custom barrel at cost, an extreme value and reward for sticking it out all 10 years. But, if it wasn’t meant to be and the purchasers divorce or separate, the barrel must then be forfeited back to Tamworth Distilling.

How it works is, Quaker City Mercantile, the design agency that owns Tamworth Distilling, will work with the newlyweds to design a custom label for their whiskey unique to the couple themselves.

The price starts at $7,000 per barrel. One barrel is equivalent to up to 250 bottles, depending on the angel’s share of whiskey that will come of age in 10 years.

Steven Grasse, owner and founder of Tamworth Distilling and Quaker City Mercantile, said that after 10 years, each barrel of whiskey should be worth a lot of money. “Each bottle is viable to sell at up to $200 each, totaling $50,000 in profits if all bottles are sold. You almost can’t lose.”

He explained the details.

“Couples will pay a fee upfront, starting at $7,000, that covers the hard costs of the barrel, the un-aged whiskey, and an annual storage fee for their barrel, as well as an annual status report on their barrel that includes a photo. The duo can even visit the barrel at the distillery.”

At the 10-year mark, he said that for a total price of $10,000, the couple will receive 250 bottles of 10-year old whiskey worth $200 per bottle, plus the label design work, yielding a total value of $75,500.

If, after a decade the purchasers can prove they are still legally married and together, Tamworth Distilling will bottle the custom whiskey in the unique bottles the couple designed.

Unfortunately, Grasse said, if the couple divorces (or if a spouse passes away), they forfeit their barrel to the distillery, who will sell it and retain all profits.

For more information about Tamworth Distilling and this project, check out

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