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Speakeasy Vault Lets You Lock Away Your Whiskey In Plain Sight

There is a thing these days, it seems like, for customized storage solutions in the home for whiskey that resemble nothing like the typical cabinets one might keep bottles stored in. How long this trend has been going on, perhaps as some type of offshoot of wine storage at home, is hard to say.

We recently wrote about one extreme home whiskey storage solution in the form of the bulletproof (why?) Whisky Vault Grand, and now we’ve learned about the Speakeasy Vault, a wall mountable offering that will hide your bottles in plain sight.

The Speakeasy Vault, according to those behind it, is crafted by an outfit known as Metal Art of Wisconsin. Here is how they describe this whiskey storage unit:

Speakeasy Vault

Speakeasy Vault (image via Metal Art of Wisconsin)

“The latest addition to concealment furniture range made from beautiful oiled wood, features CNC cut glass and bottle holders on the lower tray and is topped with a 16-gauge steel American Flag. Each Speakeasy Vault is available with standard keyed locks, RFID readers or the new high-tech biometric scanner that can store up to 20 fingerprints, making it the most advanced Freedom Cabinet yet.

“A tough, foam insert that is easily adapted to your needs means that whatever you decide to store will be safely hidden behind Old Glory. Available in either 2 foot or 4-foot sizes, the Speakeasy Vault is sure to keep your whiskey safe and the Feds off your back.”

The Vault can come in either wood or steel, and each one is hand made in Wisconsin. Prices, depending upon customization, range between around $150 and $635. It is said it takes between one and four weeks to manufacture one. If you are looking for something much less intense then the Whisky Vault Grand, it might be worth checking out.


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