ReserveBar Acquires Minibar Delivery

, , | November 19, 2021

ReserveBar recently announced plans to acquire Minibar Delivery, an online marketplace featuring on-demand delivery of wine, spirits, beer, ready-to-drink cocktails, mixers and more.

The company facilitates these deliveries by partnering with more than 2,800 retail partner locations nationwide, like independent liquor stores and national brands like 7-Eleven. The two companies plan to link their retailers, customer bases, technology and delivery modalities to benefit customers and supplier partners.

The merger means Minibar Delivery will now offer what’s described as an even greater selection of products, including special limited editions, new launches, and celebrity-owned spirits, as well as ReserveBar’s personalized and engraved bottles and extensive gift offerings.


Minibar Delivery has been acquired by ReserveBar (image via Minibar Delivery)

“This acquisition is born out of synergies generated by the complementary e-commerce segments we serve. ReserveBar primarily focuses on premium and luxury spirits, utilizing ground shipping fulfillment, while Minibar Delivery has focused on meeting the customer’s everyday needs for wine, spirits, beer, and ready-to-drink cocktails (RTDs), with on-demand delivery. Together, we can provide our clients with the best purchasing experience in the market,” said Lindsay Held, CEO and co-founder of ReserveBar, in a prepared statement.

Held added, “We also see significant product cross-over synergies in offering Minibar Delivery customers the special limited editions and celebrity, craft and newly launched bottles that are showcased on ReserveBar.” 

The merger is expected to bring the combined number of retailer locations to over 5,000 by the end of next year, serving virtually all legal drinking age consumers in states that permit shipping and delivery of spirits, wine, champagne, ready-to-drink cocktails, beer, and hard seltzers.

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“We created Minibar Delivery in an effort to build the best way for consumers to shop online for wine, spirits, and beer. We’re thrilled to find a partner in ReserveBar that can allow us to continue to fulfill that mission,” said Lindsey Andrews, CEO, and co-founder of Minibar Delivery. After the acquisition, Andrews will continue as CEO of Minibar Delivery and will report to Held, who will also hold the title of Executive Chairman of Minibar Delivery.

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