New Bourbon Experience Brings Spirits To MGM’s Aria Resort In Las Vegas

, , | November 16, 2022

Whiskey, and all that surrounds it, is a thread that runs through the many MGM properties in Las Vegas.

And as the hospitality industry is always looking for new ways to stand out, one-of-a-kind experiences and exclusive spirits from distilleries are something a little extra that Las Vegas’ ARIA Resort and Casino now offers its guests.

With all the glitz and glamor to compete with on the Vegas Strip, the ARIA’s selection of exclusive bourbons by the pour is truly one-of-a-kind.

aria bourbon experience

Whiskey, and all that surrounds it, is a thread that runs through the many MGM properties in Las Vegas. (image via Gary Carter/The Whiskey Wash)

Michael Medina, director of beverages for the ARIA, said that the draw for this bourbon experience is the ultra-premium pours and especially the single barrel picks that are exclusive to the MGM property.

A sampling of those exclusive picks include:

Aria Barrel Maker’s Mark

The Aria Barrel Maker’s Mark is highly customized. There are five wooden staves each with different flavor profiles that can be selected. A total of 10 staves are chosen to get the desired flavor profile. The stave options are Baked American Pure 2, Seared French Cuvee, Maker’s Mark 46, Roasted French Mendiant, and Toasted French Spice. For the first Aria Maker’s Mark barrel of the year, Aria Beverage Management selected four Maker’s Mark 46, five Roasted French Mendiant, and one Toasted French Spice. This makes for a bourbon with sweet vanilla and caramel flavors. The barrel is bottled at 109.7 proof.

Aria Barrel Knob Creek

The Aria Barrel Knob Creek was barreled on 10/2/12 and selected from warehouse Z on floor 6 from rick 48. It has aromas of robust vanilla and caramel with some slight smoke. The tasting notes are complex flavors of vanilla, nuts, and oak. With a barrel proof of 120, the finish has a lot of warmth to it.

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Aria Barrel Woodford Reserve

The typical bottle of Woodford Reserve is crafted by batching a hundred barrels together, all with different production dates and warehouse maturation locations. When selecting one barrel from the warehouse a focused flavor profile can be created. Aria Beverage Management selected a barrel with rich aromas of oak, tea leaf, dark sorghum molasses, and burnt caramel mixed with hints of smoke, dark chocolate, and apple.

Aria Barrel Whistle Pig 12yr

Whistle Pig is the most awarded Rye Whisky maker in the world. The ARIA barrel is finished in Amarone casks giving some richer sweeter notes to balance out the spice in the Rye. It is then barreled at 86 proof.

And just a few of the rare bourbon pours on offer to guests are Michter’s 20 Year, Old Forester Birthday Bourbon, and the Woodford Reserve Baccarat Edition.

The premium bourbon experience continues throughout the ARIA resort, at its five-star steakhouse Jean Georges’ bar as well as for the guests at the ultra-luxury Skyvillas at ARIA.

And the bourbon experience at ARIA goes hand-in-hand with the cigar program at the luxury resort on the Vegas strip.

“With our cigar program at ARIA, we are able to offer guests a bespoke experience matching the finest cigars with the amazing pours they get as part of the bourbon experience here,” Ricardo Smenner said, looking over a full humidor sat next to a back bar with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of premium and one-of-a-kind bourbon.

Knowing the level of premium bourbons to experience at ARIA’s High Limit Lounge, Smenner can direct the right cigar for the patron based on what pours they get and how long they want to enjoy that pour. It’s all part of the bourbon experience.

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