Neat Whiskey Chiller A Neat New Way To Chill Your Whisk(e)y

To chill your whisk(e)y, or not to chill your whisk(e)y? That is not a question we are here to provide an opinion on in this article. Rather, let’s focus instead upon the Neat Whiskey Chiller, a new device currently making the crowdfunding rounds on popular fund raising platform Kickstarter. Its sole purpose? To attempt to offer an innovative way to chill your whisk(e)y.

The Neat Whiskey Chiller, according to those behind it, aims to remove ice, steel and stones from the equation when it comes to chilling your whisk(e)y. How it works is pretty devilishly simple – you fill an interior chamber of the device with water and freeze it. When you are ready to chill your whisk(e)y, you take it out of the freezer and put it atop your glass. You then pour your spirit through the top of it, and an internal set of coils similar to a condenser that the whisk(e)y passes through on its way to the glass has the area around it “frozen solid – exposing your whiskey to 3 feet of ice as it pours through while remaining isolated.

Neat Whiskey Chiller

Neat Whiskey Chiller (image via Neat)

“This significantly reduces the temperature of the spirit without directly exposing it to ice or water. The result is a smooth pour of your favorite whiskey. Chilled, not ruined with too much dilution.”

“I went to enjoy a glass of chilled barrel proof bourbon and noticed how much the ice changed the profile of the bourbon,” said Neat Whiskey Chiller founder Ted Hinrichs in a prepared statement. Hinrichs, unsatisfied with this change, sat with his friend Tyler, who has significant experience overseeing engineering product quality and innovation, and talked about his want for a different chilling technique. Tyler “went to work. Sketching, drawing and designing. Once they had a set of plans it was time to prototype. After a few product design revisions, the Neat Whiskey Chiller is born.”

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This chilling device, as it stands right now, is already funded on Kickstarter, though there are still a good number of days left to get in on the early buying of one for $45. It is said as well this is just the first planned product in the Neat collection for whisk(e)y enthusiasts and that a “new billet hipflask” is addressed within the fundraising campaign as well.