Custom Consumer Bourbon Blending Experience Comes To Downtown Louisville

, | February 19, 2022

The team at WoodCraft Bourbon Blender created a system to bring what they say is the custom bourbon of the 1800s to the bourbon enthusiasts of today.

They’ve done this by helping consumers build their own personal single barrel bourbon, by the glass or the bottle.

The first WoodCraft Bourbon Blender franchise, Barrels & Billets, will open its doors on Louisville, Kentucky’s Whiskey Row, set for Feb. 23rd.

Barrels & Billets

Barrels & Billets (image via Barrels & Billets)

This new bourbon experience will allow guests to blend, create and bottle their very own bourbon, as the Blender franchise looks to complement Louisville’s bourbon tourism industry with such an interactive experience.

Guests will blend with six WoodCraft bourbons, which include a 200 Year Oak, European Oak, American Oak, Cherry Wood, Maple Wood, and Smoked Oak. During the experience, guests will learn the art of bourbon blending before the blending process begins. Once the blending experience is complete, guests can then have their recipe bottled onsite.

The franchisee for this Louisville experience is the Hillerich family, known worldwide for their Louisville Slugger baseball bats. They have a link to whiskey as the original family immigrant, J. Frederick, was a barrel maker.

“Some may be wondering why a sports and attraction company is getting into the bourbon business, but Barrels & Billets is actually a continuation of H&B’s long history of creating uniquely Louisville experiences for our fans and guests,” said John Hillerich, CEO of Hillerich & Bradsby Co, in a prepared statement.

Co-founders Doug Hall and Joe Girgash created the WoodCraft finishing system to offer the ability to have customized bourbon. They explained more specifically how the system works. Consumers can create their custom bourbon three ways:

  1. Enjoy a one hour blending experience, while learning about the art and science of master bourbon blending.
  2. Work with a two-minute Artificial Intelligence Bourbon Wizard.
  3. Buy a custom Bourbon Blending Kit to do at home guided by an internet accessible video.
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The WoodCraft team has also developed a free-standing WoodCraft Bourbon Blending Machines in stores, and is looking a way for a version of the blending machine to be available in bars and restaurants.


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