American Whiskey Guide 2023 Launches This Month

| June 13, 2023

Coming this month, the 2023 American Whiskey Guide is a handy guide for the American whiskey or bourbon enthusiast.

The guide, by Booze Press founder David Serfozo, features expanded listings for 200 whiskey distillers and producers and more than 350 entries overall. It also includes profiles on modern whiskey pioneers, 2022 whiskey award winners, and has several additional whiskey-related features and recipes.

And just to note, the guide’s reports on the American whiskey industry will be updated each year with new features, as well as updated information on all included distillery and producer listings.

2023 American Whiskey Guide

Coming this month, the 2023 American Whiskey Guide is a handy guide for the American whiskey or bourbon enthusiast. (image via. Booze Press)

In a statement from Booze Press, Serfozo said he researched the distillers and producers in this inaugural guide for nearly a year, conducting dozens of interviews and visiting many distilleries.

“Having been a fan of the Jim Murray Whiskey Bible and its annual appearance, I’ve always looked forward to its arrival in my mailbox each year,” Serfozo said. “For my guide, I wanted to offer more information on the distilleries themselves. What do they offer? What’s new? What’s their history and who are these people?”

He said he was also looking to make a handy guide to not only save time having to look up information online, but to introduce new and unique producers that he’d never heard of.

“I realized that a guide like this did not exist, and certainly not one that is updated each year,” he said. “It’s been an absolute blast writing and compiling this guide, and I have already begun putting together ideas for next year’s edition.”

The American Whiskey Guide 2023 is available for pre-order and costs $19.99. Copies bought during presale will include purchasers’ names printed inside. Serfozo will also sign the first 500 copies.


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