2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Festive Flasks

| December 6, 2017

A person can never have too many flasks. Whether you’re headed out on a summer camping trip, facing a long flight with nothing but a grim hotel mini bar to greet you at the end, or helping your best friend celebrate their wedding, a full flask is a valued companion. Even when they’re just sitting empty on the sideboard, they promise good times ahead.

If you’re hunting for a good flask this holiday season—for yourself, or somebody else—you’re spoiled for choice. Here are five of our favorites, with the right model for everybody on your list.

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For the outdoor enthusiast

This Stanley insulated cocktail shaker and shot glasses set is just the thing for taking your favorite tipple on the road in a civilized fashion. The flask’s capacious 8-ounce size makes packing for even a multi-day excursion easy, and the glasses pack away snugly in the included canister.

For the Traveler

I am probably biased as an Oregonian, but I think this flask-disguised-as-an-umbrella is the best of the latest crop of novelty flask shapes. While it’s not a working umbrella, it makes up for it with its whopping 13 ounce capacity, more than half of a standard 750ml bottle.

For the fancy drinker

If your giftee loves a bit of sparkle (and come on, be honest, who doesn’t?) this glittering gold flask will make even the most mundane drinking experience feel like a party. Also comes in pink sparkle and “mirage,” a kind of oil slick-like iridescent rainbow finish.

For the design devotee

MAKO’s circular five-ounce flask looks straight out of the pages of Dwell magazine, complete with trendy dip paint motif in two on-trend colors (aqua and melon). The round shape tucks comfortably into a pocket.

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For the Purist

Everybody needs at least one leather-wrapped flask. They’re comfortable to hold, classy to look at, and just feel right, especially for whiskey. This one comes with a useful tiny funnel for minimizing spills during filling.

For the Fancy Dresser

What’s the point of having a flask if you don’t look fantastic when you use it? This super-stylish hand-hammered pewter flask is made in Sheffield, England, and holds an eminently reasonable six ounces of spirit. It, too, comes with a tiny funnel (also in pewter), as well as a recommendation to not store spirits inside for more than 24 hours due to the potential for discoloration. Drink up!


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