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Whisky Review: Forthwest Whisky

Forthwest Whisky review

We review Forthwest Whisky, part of a new line up of mostly flavored whiskies released by Oregon-based Hood River Distillers.

Kiefer Sutherland Helps Launch A Shared Canadian Whisky Brand

Red Bank Whisky

Actor and whisky enthusiast Kiefer Sutherland can add co-founder of a whisky brand to his list of accomplishments, with the Canadian star recently joining the team at Red Bank Whisky as the new spirit hits shelves in Nova Scotia, and soon Canada-wide.

Baudoinia: the Fungus That Even Grows In Canada

Hiram Walker Lakeshore

The new fear of toxic molds that arose in the late 1990s happened to coincide with the first uptick in whiskey sales in decades, which led to more production and fuller warehouses in the U.S., Canada, and overseas. Inevitably, people noticed the soot-like fungal growth long associated with whiskey and brandy distilleries, Baudoinia compniacensis.